“Courage. Do not be afraid. It is I!”

Dear brothers and sisters,
Today has been special for me. I visited my mum at home for the first time in five months. Wonderful! I then sailed across the Clyde to Dunoon, for my first parish visit in five months. Wonderful too!
As I stood on the deck I gazed down the Holy Loch, so named because of the monastery built on it’s shores by St Mun in the 7th Century. I thought of how people throughout our Diocese have put their trust in God for over 1,500 years.
In this weekend’s Gospel the apostles battle the storm alone but Jesus walks through the water and encourages them: “Courage, do not be afraid. It is I.”
No one is a stranger to life’s storms. On top of these the whole world is battling Coronavirus. At times we may feel overwhelmed but Jesus is always at our side. Let us remember that Jesus is divine and greater than any storm. We do not have to battle alone. “Courage, do not be afraid. It is.”
May God bless you and your families,