Liturgy in the Ancient Greek sense of the word meant the service that people who were rich gave or did for others. It came to mean the service or work that ordinary people gave or did for others. In liturgy today, we give service to God and each other, even as God’s Holy Spirirt works in us as we pray. We can trace the usage of the word liturgy through the Old and New Testaments, from the earliest Church, through the centuries to Vatican II documents and the present General Instruction of the Roman Missal.

Argyll and the Isles Diocesan Choir, known as  Liturgy works, founded by Mgr James MacNeil and Fr. Michael Hutson, brings people from all over the diocese  together twice each year ( May & August) to learn, pray and enjoy new liturgical music and to hear reflections on aspects of the church’s teaching, spirituality and the scriptures. “We have Mass twice over the weekend and celebrate Morning and Evening Prayer. Our aims are to form a diocesan choir which will give liturgical music support to diocesan events and to promotes an appropriate liturgical repertoire for the parishes of Argyll and the Isles. Our aims repertoire, impetus and inspiration are rooted in the church’s tradition and especially in the documents of the 2nd Vatican Council”

The original aims of these weekends were the foundation of a diocesan choir and the provision of good liturgical music in parishes, it has become evident over the years that there are other benefits to the diocese. Getting people together from Campbeltown to Stornoway is a good thing in itself.  Some have experienced the weekends as important parts of their journeys to entering the church or to priesthood. Many speak of the “spiritual” input they receive: it’s like a retreat.

All of this builds community centered on the reflection on, promotion of and participation in the church’s liturgy.

The Team: Mgr James MacNeil, Pauline MacDonald,Moira Shaw, Fr.Michael Hutson, Fr. Roddy Johnston, Fr. David Connor, Elaine Moohan, Grace Buckley,John Joe MacNeil,Conforti Institute.