Lochgilphead, St. Margaret

St Margaret’s Church is one of history’s ironies that Mid-Argyll, once the hub of the kingdom of Dalriada, heartland of Celtic Christianity, should in the 20th century have had no Catholic Church.

It was at Dunadd that Columba crowned Aidan as the first Christian monarch not just in Scotland but in the whole of the British Isles.

The sixth century was a spiritually rich one for this part of the world, blessed as it was with the arrival of St Columba from Ireland.

As he took his mission the length and breadth of Argyll, settling eventually on Iona where he could no longer see the homeland which tugged at his heart strings, Christian communities grew.
Many of our place names today reflect those Christian roots. Kilmory, Kilmichael, Kilmartin, Kilberry… the list is endless and each one reminds us that a chapel (kil means cell or chapel) was built there and that our ancestors worshipped Christ according to Celtic tradition.