The Story of Carlo Acutis

Carlo Acutis was beatified on the 10th of October by Pope Francis in Assisi. Many people refer to him as a modern saint, some millennium Saint.

 He was born in London in 1991 to Italian parents who returned to Milan. He was a very devout child, growing a great affection for the Blessed Sacrament and for reciting the Rosary. He had his First Holy Communion when he was seven and from then on rarely missed an opportunity to go to daily Mass. He was very gifted with computers and put his talents to good use. He created a website which catalogued Eucharistic miracles and helped anyone who needed it with anything digital.

He died of Leukaemia when he was just 15, however, during his final weeks he offered his suffering up for the Pope and for the Church.

As a teenager, Carlo was diagnosed with leukemia. He offered his sufferings for Pope Benedict XVI and for the Church, saying “”I offer all the suffering I will have to suffer for the Lord, for the Pope, and the Church.”

May we all take inspiration from Carlo Acutis, particularly in these times when social media and digital communication is so important for staying connected. May we act as digital missionaries and communicate as ambassadors for Christ.