The message of Bishop Brian on the Sunday of the Baptism of the Lord.

Baptism of the Lord

Dear brothers and sisters,

Today we come to the end of the Christmas Season. It is a greatly loved time of the year when we celebrate Our Lord’s Nativity and several associated feasts. Any heart which is open can be blessed with the hope and joy which can only come from God.

However, in today’s final Feast of the Christmas Season, we celebrate why Jesus was born, highlighted during his baptism in the Jordan. Jesus was born to be our Saviour and after thirty quiet years in Nazareth, his began his public ministry. He was attested to by both the Father and the Holy Spirit. Jesus is God and our Redeemer. As we move into the rest of the year will we allow Jesus to minister in our lives today? Like John, will we point Jesus out to others?

God bless,