St Michael’s, Ardkenneth

The interior of St Michael’s, Ardkenneth, before the coming of electric light

Fr John MacLean (Ardkenneth 1962-1974) with his housekeeper, Marion Wilson, Howmore, and Cardinal Godfrey of Westminster. As Apostolic Delegate, it was he who petitioned Rome to grant the new title ‘Our Lady of the Isles’ in 1953. It must be a laugh! Fr Maclean is stroking a ceramic dog!

The interior of St Michael’s, Ardkenneth, decorated for Christmas. The ornate altar rail has replaced the older, plain one. The large statues of the Sacred Heart and the Virgin Mary have gone as have the smaller statues of St Therese and St Joseph. A huge ill-matched pulpit has arrived!

Articles by Fr. Michael J. MacDonald