St Joseph’s Day Message from Bishop Brian

Dear brothers and sisters,

Happy Feast Day as we venerate St Joseph! I know that today will be difficult for you because it is the last day for the public celebration of Mass within our diocese until we know that it safe to do so. This is painful both for our priests and our lay faithful.

You may be feeling somewhat anxious or bewildered about the future. It is only natural to worry about family, friends, neighbours and the stranger.

I have always had a love for St Joseph. My parish growing up was dedicated to him, as were two other parishes I served in as a priest. I know he will look after us.

St Joseph was a man of great faith. He did not understand God’s ways but he always surrendered to God. Entrusted with the child Jesus and the Blessed Virgin, he loved and protected them in many difficult circumstances.

Joseph is the Patron of the Universal Church. Let us entrust the care of our families, our diocese and the Universal Church to the strong protection of St Joseph. Let there be no doubt that the Risen Lord will hear the intercession of his beloved foster father.  Our situation has drastically changed but this is NOT the final word. God will continue to use our diocese, each parish, every parishioner and priest as an instrument of his grace; certainly in new ways but perhaps in even greater!

A Naomh Mhoire, A Naomh Eosaph, A Naomh Chalum-cille Guidhibh air ar son.