Sharing our Faith through the Generations

Dear sisters and brothers in Christ,
Today we celebrate St Blane who was a 6th century monk on the Isle of Bute who then spread the Gospel among the Picts of central Scotland. This weekend I am visiting Holy Redeemer Parish, Stornoway.

 Fr William MacLean, the Parish Priest, took me to the 12th century chapel on the north west of Lewis which was dedicated to St Moluag – a companion of St Columba who in the 6th century founded a chapel on the same spot. Fr William regularly celebrates Mass in this ancient Church, continuing what St Moluag began more than 1,400 years ago.

In this morning’s reading Moses encouraged the Hebrews to reflect on how God’s love had blessed them and to pass this on to their children. It struck me that in the southernly edge of our diocese – the Clyde – and simultaneously at its most northerly point monks who rejoiced in the Good News could not but share the Good News.

Today it is our privilege and joy to share the Gospel. Let us reflect on God’s love and witness to that Good News, beginning with those closest to us. It is the greatest treasure we have.
St Blane and St Moluag pray for us.