6) St Leonard, Frankish monk; died 560. With St Andrew, he is patron saint of St Andrews.
12) St Machar, monk and missionary; lived in the 6th century. Machar is patron saint of Aberdeen, but likely same Saint as St. Mungo.
13) St Devenick, missionary; lived in the 5th century.
16) St Margaret of Scotland, wife of Malcolm Ill; c. 1046—1 093. Margaret is the secondary patron saint of Scotland.
18) St Fergus, missionary; lived in the 6th century; Saint Fergus is the patron saint of Glamis and Wick.
30) St Andrew, apostle and martyr; died c. 60. Andrew is the principal patron saint of Scotland. He was crucified for his missionary work on an X-shaped cross that has traditionally formed the Scottish flag. St Regulus brought Andrew’s remains out of Constantinople for safe keeping, landing at St Andrews. Andrew was credited with bringing victory in battle to Scots armies. His X-symbol first appeared on the great seal of Scotland in 1286 during the period of uncertainty after Alexander Ill’s death.