Newsletter June 2016

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I believe that you are enjoying gloriously warm weather in Scotland and that the cold and the rain of previous months (and not only of the winter months) are now forgotten. Weather is a topic which occupies the man in the street as much as the specialized climatic investigators. It seems that the human race has done irreparable harm to our planet and now we have to suffer the consequences. I recall the words of President Obama at the World Conference in Paris regarding climate. “Our generation is the first to appreciate that we were harming the universe and is perhaps the last generation to be able to do something about it.” Leading contaminating countries have now signed a pledge to reduce global warming but many say that it is too late and too little.
Unfortunately the biggest culprits China, USA and Europe are least affected. The poor countries are the ones that suffer most. The heat wave killed 2,200 poor people in India during the last few weeks.

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