National Confidential Forum

The National Confidential Forum (the Forum) has been set up as part of the Victims and Witnesses (Scotland) Act 2014. The Scottish Government has legislated for and funded the Forum to show the importance given to the experiences of adults who were in institutional care as children. However, the Forum operates independently from the government.


The Forum is part of the Survivor Scotland Strategy. The Survivor Scotland Strategy aims to make sure that help and advice is there for anyone who is an adult survivor-that is anyone who was harmed as a child and is now over 16. You can find out more about that at

or by phoning the Survivor Scotland Team on 0131 244 1723 or 0131 2443633.

You can take part in the Forum if:

You lived in a care service or a health service as a child (under 18 years old) in Scotland.  You must have been living away from home in institutional care and not in a private house.  Some examples are a children’s home, a hospital ward for children, a boarding school or some other institution.

You are over 16 now.

You have left institutional care.  It does not matter how long you were in institutional care or when you left institutional care.

Full details of the National Confidential Forum are available here:

You can contact the Forum on 0800 121 4773 or 0141352 2333

Or email

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