Message from Bishop Brian regarding precautions to be taken due to the Corona virus

Dear brothers and sisters,

Due to the confirmed arrival of the Coronavirus in Scotland, I have decided that throughout our diocese:

  1. The founts are to be emptied of Holy Water

Furthermore, during the celebration of the Eucharist:

  1. The Sign of Peace is to be offered by bowing to each other rather than by shaking hands
  2. Holy Communion will not be received on the tongue
  3. The Chalice will not be offered to the congregation

I have taken this decision as a precaution and to help safeguard your health and the health of others. The ruling is temporary and I will revoke it when it is considered appropriate to do so.

Let us continue to pray for those who across the world are suffering from the virus, for those who care for them and that medical advancement will successfully combat it.

Yours in Christ,

+Brian McGee

4th March 2020 until further notice