Message from Bishop Brian Regarding His Live stream Masses

Dear Brothers and Sisters,
When our Churches closed for public Mass on March 19th, Solemnity of St Joseph, I promised to live stream Mass every day until you were able to participate in public Mass again. I never imagined how deeply graced an experience this would become. Over the past six months, I have been amazed at so many people contacting me, far more than on any other subject, expressing their gratitude that they were spiritually fed and encouraged during those dark days. Not that the benefits were all one way! I thank you because I have immensely enjoyed praying with you and have been greatly supported by you. It also allowed me to be with parishioners across our diocese in a way I could never have imagined before. God was always close to us, and we have much to be grateful for.

I have decided that on 30th August my live stream Sunday Masses will cease and the daily Masses be reduced to once per week. Therefore, next Sunday will be my last live-streamed Mass. From then onwards my weekday Mass will normally be on Tuesdays at 10 am. Lectio Divina will continue.

Next weekend will see public worship restored in our Churches for six weeks. I thank our priests and volunteers who have worked so hard to ensure that our Churches have safely reopened for you, including the public celebration of Mass. As bishop, it is important that I resume visiting your parishes and celebrate the Eucharist in person. My decision may also encourage those, who are able, to participate again at Mass in their parish Church. Of course, anyone who is vulnerable or presently feels unsure about returning to Mass is not committing a sin by remaining at home. Sunday will still be sanctified when you dedicate time to prayer e.g. participating in another live stream Mass, reading the Scriptures, Divine Office, the Rosary.

The past six months have been difficult for everyone and there are still uncertainties regarding the future. I trust that we now know that we were never alone and that our loving Lord is greater than anything. I am convinced that the Spirit is constantly working within and around us. Let us move boldly forward in union with God and each other!
May God abundantly bless you and all your loved ones,