Led By the Spirit: Collation of Phase 1 Consultation

 Dear sisters and brothers in Christ,

We have completed the first consultative phase of Led by the Spirit – our diocesan discernment process. Mindful that the Spirit dwells within us we have prayed and shared where we have thought God may be calling us. Together we have discerned that the Lord is guiding Argyll and the Isles to authentic holiness, to become more missionary, to develop catechesis, to support our laity and clergy, to be more welcoming and transparent. 

Nineteen parishes made submissions which have now been collated into this single document. The most frequent comments about each topic have been placed at the top of each section with the less frequent lower down.

I thank you for your participation, including the Working Group. Every disciple is a Temple of the Spirit. Your voice needs to be heard or our discernment is impoverished.

This document is not the final word. I encourage you to reflectively read and pray over it. What resonates with you? What do you resist? Where is the Spirit in all of this?

In August we begin Phase 2 when we will explore our resources. In Phase 3 we will return to this document and discern how our aspiration to faithfully live as God calls can we best attempted with the resources we have.

May Our Lady and St Columba guide us.