Jesus: Our True Light

Jesus: Our True Light

Last Saturday’s announcement regarding Christmas gatherings have understandably disappointed many. Granted most understand why and appreciate the difficulties for those in authority, but at the end of an anxious year most families had already ‘cut back’ on their usual gatherings and, after the hope of better days due to the vaccines, the new and sudden restrictions were painful to accept. We all feel a bit down.

I pen these words on Monday evening having just come in from looking at the ‘Star of Bethlehem’ over a cloudy Oban Bay. Was it really the same star? Does it really matter? After all, the Star of Bethlehem was never the real light but rather pointed towards the true Light, the new-born Christ.

This Christmas is challenging for us – but so was the first one. Mary and Joseph were no strangers to anxiety and danger; while Jesus emptied himself, was born in poverty and immediately vulnerable. He shared our weakness, but he is more than that. He is our Light because he dispels our darkness. He is our Saviour for he redeems us from all that oppresses, especially sin and death.

We would rather that Christmas was ‘normal’. However, can our present vulnerability help us focus on the love that God revealed at that first Christmas?  From Tuesday 22nd I will restart daily livestream Mass at 10 am and invite you to join me. If you cannot get out to Mass or feel despondent then perhaps this will be helpful. Let us journey together to the stable and ponder on the wonder of God’s love.

One request. The Star of Bethlehem led people to Jesus. Please be a ‘Star’ and share this post with at least one person, pointing another in the direction of Jesus, our true Light.

God bless you this beautiful week,