8) St Nathalan, bishop; died c. 678.
9) St Fillan, abbot; died c. 734.
13) St Kentigern (or Mungo), bishop; died 612.
26) St. Conan, Bishop, A.D. 648



He was born in Ireland, and is said to have passed over to Iona to joi the community there, in which his virtues and talents placed him high in the estimation of the monks. He was characterised by a special devotion to the Mother of God, which won for him a singular purity of soul. He was made tutor to the three sons of Eugenius IV, King of Scotland, and brought them up carefully and wisely. Later on he became a Bishop. St. Conan was greatly honoured in Scotland. His name survives at Kilconan, in Fortingal, Perthshire, and at St. Conan’s Well, near Dalmally, Argyleshire. St. Conan’s Fair is held at Glenorchy, Perthshire, but this seems to relate to another saint of like name, as its date is the third Wednesday in March and our saint was venerated on January 26th, as the best authorities testify.