Is God calling me to be a Priest?

Some early ‘signs’ that God may be calling you to the priesthood.
Some people have always wanted to be a priest: they have this desire; they pretended to be priests when they were a child; it seems to be a part of them.
Some people have gradually wanted to be priests: it has grown over time or it has come and gone, but now seems to be a bit stronger.
Some people have tried to push away the thought of being a Priest: there are people who have always been fighting it, resisting, walking away, giving excuses why not; and this is because deep down they have always known it is a part of them.
Some people suddenly want to be priests: they have gone through a life-changing spiritual experience; it has never occurred to them before but now it does; the priesthood is something new, sudden and unexpected, but very real and almost overpowering.