Funeral of Eilidh MacLeod

As Eilidh is laid to rest we remember with love and in prayer her Mum and Dad, all her family and friends, the people of Barra and of all the Isles. We remember especially Eilidh’s friend Laura, her parents and family and pray that she will make a good recovery from her injuries. We pray too for all who have lost loved ones through acts of violence.

“When mystery hides Thee from the sight of faith and hope; when pain turns even love to dust; when life is bitter to the taste and our song of joy dies down to silence, then, Father, do for us that which is beyond our power to do for ourselves. Break through our darkness with Thy light. Show us Thyself in Jesus suffering on a Tree, rising from a grave, reigning from a throne, all with power and love for us unchanging. So shall our fear be gone and our feet set upon a radiant path”