Following God as a Diocese

Bishop Brian with some of the clergy in the Diocese

Brothers and sister, I have been your bishop now for more than two years. When I first arrived I explained to the priests that I was in no rush to change anything but rather to learn both about being a bishop and the diocese of Argyll and the Isles itself. Within six weeks I visited all twenty-five parishes – discovering new places for me and meeting priests, deacons, sisters, parishioners, Office staff. Since then I have been in every parish on at least four occasions – and most parishes more than that.

As a bishop I have the task of Teaching, Sanctifying and Governing the diocese and all who live within it. I also have a care for the Church throughout Scotland and universally. I have reflected a lot about the diocese and prayed that God enlightens us how He wants us to progress. Our priests are my closest collaborators and I am grateful for all that they do. However, every single person has a genuine role to play in building God’s Kingdom.

Our diocese is geographically very widespread and it is challenging for us to meet together in large numbers. However, communication is crucial. Therefore, over the next two months or so I will speak directly to you both by video and written statements on the diocesan website. Some will concern the Government of the diocese but most of it will focus on our spiritual and pastoral situation (Sanctifying and Teaching). After much listening, sharing, study and – most importantly – prayer I now want to speak directly to you. Please read these statements and share them with other parishioners.

Thank you.