Eoligarry, St. Vincent de Paul

Our church at Eoligarry is dedicated to St Vincent de Paul.  His followers, the Lazarists, were important missionaries to Barra during the penal times.  Vigil Mass is celebrated at Eoligarry on Saturday afternoon at 6pm. Mary Ceit MacKinnon writes…. In 1963 the building of St. Vincent’s church at Eoligarry was completed and, shortly afterwards, it was consecrated by the Rev. Stephen MacGill, Bishop of Argyll and the Isles. 
The community of Eoligarry  were truly grateful that the church that they had spoken about for many years was completed and standing proudly in what had once been the garden of Eoligarry House. In 1959 fund raising had been suggested by Father Archie Mac Master, parish priest at Northbay, who also served the Eoligarry  community. 
Plans were drawn up by Charles Grey of Edinburgh and by 1962 sufficient money had been accumulated and the building work commenced