Easter Triduum: The suffering, death, burial, and resurrection of Jesus Christ.


May the Lord abundantly bless you and your families this Holy Week. +Brian

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

I chatted by phone with most of our priests yesterday and they all spoke of the enthusiasm and joy with which you celebrated Palm Sunday back in your Churches. Some described a tangible “hunger” for the Eucharist In their parishioners.  Palpable joy was what I also encountered during the Chrism Mass yesterday and when I have chatted with people as I walk about Oban.

This evening we begin the Easter Triduum. During these three days of Holy Thursday, Good Friday and Easter we celebrate the mysteries of our redemption. However, Jesus invites us to not to simply remember past wonders, uniquely important as they are, but to enter into the Paschal Mystery in our own lives today so as to share more fully in the life of the Risen One. Therefore, I encourage all of us to engage as fully as we can in prayer and reflection during the Triduum. If it is possible for you to attend the Triduum Ceremonies in person then I recommend that you do so. Certainly they will be different this year because the Church has wisely adapted the Ceremonies due to the virus. Nevertheless, the essentials remain and the grace of God will not be restricted. Of course, for various good reasons, you may not be able to attend the Ceremonies. Do not worry about this as you can still pray and reflect at home. For example, you can read the Scriptures or pray the Divine Office or the Rosary and in each of these you will be meditating on Holy Week. You may also wish to participate in the Ceremonies by livestream.

This Holy Week I will be celebrating both in the Cathedral but also in the Oratory. I will celebrate the Triduum in the Oratory so that it can be livestreamed. As your bishop I don’t want anyone excluded from the Ceremonies due to the virus. It also allows for you to be united across our entire diocese. My Triduum times are:

Holy Thursday Mass of the Lord’s Supper 7pm; Prayer at Altar of Repose 9-10pm

Good Friday Solemn Commemoration of the Lord’s Passion 3pm; Stations of the Cross 7pm

Holy Saturday Easter Vigil 8pm and Easter Sunday 10am.

Of course, many other parishes are livestreaming and you may prefer to join your local parish. Two options include:

Morar and Arisaig Parishes: Holy Thursday 6pm; Good Friday 3pm; Easter Vigil 6pm; Easter Sunday 10am and 12 noon FACEBOK.COM/CATHOLICROUGHBOUNDS

St Mary’s, Benbecula Holy Thursday 8 pm; Good Friday 3 pm; Easter Sunday: 11am

May the Lord abundantly bless you and your families this Holy Week.