Diocesan Synodal Report

Dear sisters and brothers,

I am pleased to inform you that the collated Report from our diocesan synodal stage has now been published. It is based on 15 parish submissions as well as submissions from individuals through the questionnaires. Fr Danny Convery and other volunteers collated the report. Two facilitators and one priest from each deanery were then asked to clarify if they thought the collated report was a true synthesis, which they unanimously did.

I thank Fr Danny and Marianne for their hard work and enthusiasm in leading the diocesan stage. I thank clergy and facilitators for encouraging participation at local level. I am also grateful for all the contributors from parishioners. We now have an opportunity to read and reflect on our diocesan submission and it will inform our process of planning for the future. I truly hope that listening to the Holy Spirit and one another becomes the natural way we do things in our diocese and wider Church.

Our diocesan report will be collated with the submissions from the other seven Scottish dioceses.


God bless,