Connecting past and present at St. Columba’s, Caol

At the official opening of Highland Council’s Caol Joint Campus comprising Caol Primary School, St. Columba’s Primary School and Caol Community Centre on Friday 23 June 2017, Bishop Brian McGee helped St. Columba’s pupils to make an important link with the traditions of their former school. The stone cross which was a central part of the old building was brought to the new campus where Bishop Brian led the children in a prayer to rededicate the cross in its new setting.








During the Opening Ceremony Bishop Brian said: “I wish to congratulate the staff and pupils of St. Columba’s RC Primary School on their new Joint School Campus. This is not the first St. Columba’s Primary School in Lochaber – the original St. Columba’s Primary was opened at Lochyside in 1964, and so it is very fitting that the new school has the same name. St. Columba was well known as a missionary in Scotland, a man of great faith and learning. Education was very important to him, and the monastery at Iona became a great light for the people of Scotland and Europe. My wish is that St. Columba’s Primary School in Caol will continue to be a strong community of faith and learning where all children and staff can live their lives to the full and bring light to the wider community. I am delighted that St. Columba’s Primary School is part of the new Joint Campus, and I wish every success and happiness for the future to the staff and pupils at both St. Columba’s Primary School and Caol Primary School.”

Head Teacher Violet Smith and senior pupils had a chance to chat with Bishop Brian.