Christmas Greetings from Bishop Brian

St. Andrew, Rothesay Crib

Dear brothers and sisters,

Christmas Greetings from the Isle of Bute. I pray that your hearts are uplifted as we celebrate this beautiful season of Christmas.

The events leading up to and including the birth of Jesus were challenging to those involved. However, two constant messages in the Infancy Narratives are ‘Do not be afraid ‘and ‘Rejoice’. Mary, Joseph and the shepherds are just a few examples to have received this encouragement. God is doing something wonderful – the birth of the Saviour – which, to those of faith, takes away fear which is replaced with joy.

Life always has its challenges, and we have no shortage of them today. But we are not alone. The Saviour has come. This Christmas, let us take the time to gaze into the crib and be touched by the humility and love of the Saviour. Like Mary and Joseph, let us permit Jesus to overcome our fears, replacing them with his joy.

I wish you and your family a happy and holy Christmas.