Bishop Brian’s Reflection on Day 2 of CARITAS MONA Conference 

Yesterday the Conference explored how charitable acts fosters ecumenical and inter-Faith dialogue. That Christians be one should be important to us all yet today differences between Christians may seem insurmountable. Firstly we mustn’t forget the Holy Spirit! Nor do we need to wait for the perfect union to have relationships.
The Christians of the Middle East and North Africa already experience a Communion of Blood. Many Christians from all denominations have been martyred. Likewise, Christians in the Region can develop their Communion of Love. Disciples are called to love and charity always builds bridges. We were also reminded that charity is the Third Pillar of Islam. Deep within peoples of all faiths and none has been planted the desire to serve the needy. The discussions left me wondering how we can deepen our own Communion of Love at home.
In the evening we celebrated Mass at the shrine of St Charbel, a Lebanese hermit, along with Iraqi and Syrian refugees as well as with exploited migrants who are now being cared for by Caritas. Love of God impels us to love the needy, which in turn further deepens our love for God.