Bishop Brian’s first anniversary of episcopal ordination

Loving congratulations and prayerful good wishes to Bishop Brian on the first anniversary of his ordination as Bishop of Argyll and the Isles


Bishop Brian shares his reflections on his first year as our Bishop:

This night last year, 18th February, I was ordained as your new bishop. I was very nervous and yet at the same time quite at peace. The reality of being called to be a successor of the apostles was quite frightening for me but the conviction that God was in charge most liberating.  During my life I have slowly learned that surrendering to God’s Will always brings much more happiness than resisting it.

Over the past year I have loved visiting you in your churches, homes, schools and hospitals. I have equally enjoyed spending time with the priests as we come to know each other. I have so often been touched by the warmth of the welcome given by the clergy, religious and parishioners. The fact that the settings and journeys are always so beautiful is icing on the cake!

I readily acknowledge that I have much to learn. This is why I spend time every day in prayer and study while also frequently travelling around the diocese. I am gradually building up a picture of where we are and of a vision for our diocese moving forward. That path must, of course, be guided by the Holy Spirit so that our future direction is not only human calculation but conforming to God’s plan. Precisely because we live in challenging times the harvest is rich and we must be people of hope. We have been sent by Christ to proclaim his love and to build his Kingdom both locally and further afield. Argyll and the Isles has a rich heritage of faith and now it is our turn to write a bold new chapter.

I am very happy to be your bishop. I thank you for your encouragement over the past year. As we look forward I want to hear your own thoughts and invite you to pray for me each day, as I do for you.

A Naomh Mhoire agus a Naomh Chalum-cille guidhibh air ar son.