Bishop Brian joins Young People at Faith and Fun Retreat

Over 30 young people (S2-S3) gathered from 4-6 March at Craig Lodge Family House of Prayer in Dalmally for a Faith and Fun Retreat involving prayer, liturgy and a variety of indoor and outdoor activities. They were delighted to be accompanied throughout the weekend by our new Bishop, Rt. Rev. Brian McGee.



A tentful of young people enjoying some fun and  games during their retreat

As well as celebrating Mass, Bishop Brian joined in the Way of the Cross hill climb and led a Reconciliation service.  He spoke on the merciful love of God the Father and the significance of this Jubilee Year using the famous paintings of the ‘Prodigal Son’ by Rembrandt and Caravaggio’s ‘Calling of St Matthew’ to illustrate his points.




At the 2nd station of the Way of the Cross













 Pause for breath at the end of the Way of the Cross






During the final question and answer session the young people posed several tough questions such as, how do you become a Bishop, and, why do they wear pointy hats!


Denise Roberts, Diocesan Youth Officer and a member of Craig Lodge Community said, “It was a great privilege and a great blessing to have Bishop McGee with us for this retreat. It meant a lot to all of us and especially to the young people”.







The prayer intentions offered up by

the young people