Argyll and the Isles Independent Safeguarding Report

Dear sisters and brothers,

I am pleased to commend to you the recently published Independent Report on Safeguarding in our Diocese of Argyll and the Isles. The Report was carried out by SCIE who have now audited all 8 Scottish dioceses. I am pleased that the Catholic Church in Scotland has opened itself up to public scrutiny which I hope will bring some healing and reassurance to those who have been hurt by abuse or by an inadequate response from the Church.

I thank our clergy and our many volunteers, both at the parish and diocesan level, for all that you do in developing a Safeguarding Culture within Argyll and the Isles. Much has been done, but we cannot become complacent and there is always room for improvement. Protecting the vulnerable is a Gospel value and so as a diocese we will take time to study and reflect on the Report and use it as a tool for moving forward.

As a Parish Priest, I was always committed to Safeguarding and I have grown in my understanding since becoming your bishop. I remain committed to growing a Culture of Safeguarding throughout our diocese. Please know that I am always ready to listen to anyone who has suffered from abuse. Likewise, I am also happy to discuss any aspect of safeguarding with anyone at any time. Diocese of Argyll and the Isles Independent Safeguarding Audit

God bless,