Diocesan Safeguarding Audits

Annual Parish and Diocesan Safeguarding Audits

I want to thank all our Parish Priests and Parish Safeguarding Coordinators (PSC) who last month completed their annual Parish Safeguarding Audits on time. The audit allows both the clergy and PSCs to reflect how deeply a culture of safeguarding has taken root within Parish life and for subsequent independent scrutiny. During February the annual Diocesan Safeguarding Audit was also completed on time. This particular audit helps the bishop and his Safeguarding colleagues to reflect on how deeply we are developing a culture of Safeguarding across the diocese. This audit is also independently scrutinised. Our Diocesan Audit has already been sent out to our Diocesan Safeguarding Advisory Group (DSAG) which will meet during March to draw up our Diocesan Safeguarding Action Plan which will highlight areas we wish to focus on in the coming year. This Action Plan will also be independently scrutinised.
As you can see a lot of thought and diligent effort goes into developing Safeguarding within our diocese and across the Catholic Church in Scotland. Caring for the vulnerable is a core Gospel value and I am grateful to everyone who is developing that culture within Argyll and the Isles.
May God abundantly bless you this Lent,