A message from Bishop Brian

Dear brothers and sisters,

I sincerely thank you for generously responding to our recent diocesan financial appeal. I am delighted to inform you that in the first quarter of our new financial year we have slightly bettered our budget target. This means that there has been no deficit for the past three months. Stability is very important for the future of the diocese and your extra donations via the Parish Offertory Collection and a consistent commitment by the diocese to the budget will ensure this.

We are also concerned that parishes do not suffer due to increased diocesan levy. Duncan MacLeod, our diocesan Treasurer, is closely monitoring the situation. As we come to the start of the new Tax Year please consider enrolling in your Parish Gift Aid Scheme, if you haven’t already done so and you do pay tax. This will be of a great benefit to your parish as they can claim 25% of your Sunday Collections contributions from HMRC.

Best wishes