Christ is with us, let us turn to him in prayer.

The Coronavirus pandemic has rightly been very much in our minds. Tomorrow all the Scottish bishops will meet so that we can plan ahead for your safety.

I would like to thank you for readily accepting my recent ruling on how we would worship in the present circumstances. I appreciate that some of the changes will not be what everyone wants, but I am also confident that you will recognise that taking steps to keep others safe is a basic Christian virtue.

I spent last weekend in Arran; on Tuesday four new canons were installed in the Cathedral with parishioners rejoicing from across the diocese; on Wednesday and Thursday, we celebrated deanery Masses for Safeguarders in both Caol and Dunoon before spending this weekend in Rothesay. I am delighted that, despite the obvious challenges and precautions, the Faith continues strongly across our diocese.

Although people are naturally worried and some further adaptations will be necessary we must remain people of hope. Christ is with us, let us turn to him in prayer. Let us ask the Lord to deliver us from the virus, pray for those who are ill, their carers and those seeking a cure.
Please look after yourself and each other.
Our Lady of Lourdes, pray for us. St Columba, pray for us. St Roch, pray for us.