1500th Anniversary of St Columba’s Birth

St Columba, our diocesan patron

St Columba, our diocesan patron, is an outstanding figure in the history of the Faith in Scotland. His personal sanctity inspired many of his contemporaries while his Iona Monastery deeply influenced subsequent generations which still bears fruit today.

This year we celebrate the 1500th anniversary of St Columba’s birth. Due to COVID-19 restrictions, we are unable to mark this special occasion as we would have liked, but we will still celebrate it. The Papal Nuncio Archbishop Gugerotti, Pope Francis’ representative to our country, will join Scottish bishops for two days in June.

On Tuesday 8th June Mass will be celebrated in St Columba’s Cathedral, Oban at 6.30 pm. That day is also the anniversary of the Cathedral’s Dedication, our Diocesan Mother Church. Bishop Brian invites you to join him in the Cathedral and to reserve a seat you should phone Maggie Anderson at 07743300463. No one should feel under pressure to travel, but it will be lovely to welcome you if you want to come.

The following day, Wednesday 9th June, the bishops will celebrate Mass in Iona Abbey. Unfortunately, the numbers allowed in the Abbey for Mass are very restricted (social distancing) and preference will be given to parishioners living on the island. Nevertheless, interest can still be registered with Maggie. Of course, some may wish to travel to Iona on a private pilgrimage without participating in the Mass. Alternatively, people could join the Cathedral’s Mass at 10 am.