With Pope Benedict in Edinburgh

Sophie and Lucy tell the story

The day began with my alarm clock going off at 5am. I got out of bed and got ready. I was feeling tired and excited. It was a cold, dark and windy morning. At 6.10am we all got on our buses and set off. Our bus was the best because it had a radio and it was the fastest.

We stopped at Callander in a hotel for breakfast at 8am. I had a sausage in a roll. It was delicious. On the way down to Edinburgh we saw Stirling Castle, a safari park, wind farms and lots of fields.

We arrived in Edinburgh at 10 o'clock. We parked the buses and went on a ten minute walk to Waterloo Place. There were hundreds of police, children, people, pipers and drummers and there were two helicopters flying overhead.

We waited until 11am when the Pope raced past with blacked out windows on the car. After that the parade began. We saw lots of pipe bands, people dressed up, school children and highland dancers. At 12.15 the popemobile came by. Everybody was excited. We waved our flags and cheered the Pope. He waved to everyone and we waved back. The Pope looked lovely and gentle and was wearing a tartan scarf made specially for him. He looked very happy to be there.

Afterwards we got to go into the Scottish Parliament. We sat in the debating chamber. Then we went to McDonalds. I had chips and no drink. Then we got on the bus and went home. It was a great day.

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